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Abu Hanifa Mosque
10/03/2013 - Sanctuaries & Shrines
The Abu Hanifa Mosque is one of the mosques and schools in Baghdad. It is located in Adhamiya quarter of Baghdad to the northeast of the city on the Rusafa side, and it faces the Kadhimiya area which refers to Moussa Kadhim who is located there.
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Buratha Mosque
10/03/2013 - Sanctuaries & Shrines
Buratha is an Islamic mosque that was a Christian monastery in the past and it contains a tomb. It is currently located in Baghdad on the side of Karkh in the Utaifiyya area, at the beginning of the road between Baghdad and the city of Kadhimiya. Buratha is 10 kilometers away from downtown Baghdad.
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Shrine of Sahabi Salman Al Farsi (The Persian)
10/03/2013 - Sanctuaries & Shrines
The mosque and shrine of Salman Farsi (ra) are located in the Mada’in district (formerly known as Salman Pak) near the Tigris River and Taq Kisra. The shrine is that of Persian Sahabi Abu Abdullah Salman Al Farsi (Ramhormoz) and it’s been said that he is from Isfahan from a village called Jay.
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Maruf Al Karkhi
10/03/2013 - Sanctuaries & Shrines
Abu Mahfuz Maruf Ibn Firuz Al Karkhi is one of the Sunni Sufi (mystic) scholars of the second Hijri century in Baghdad. [1] He is also among the well-known sheikhs of asceticism and piety. Al Dhahabi described him as “the scholar of asceticism and the blessing of the era”. [2] He was a student of Dawud Ta’i and he lived in Baghdad.
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