• Pricing tool
  • Our In-depth knowledge of the healthcare system (Lebanon, Syria, KSA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran) is the cornerstone we depend on when conducting Payer research and setting an outline of requirements for launch. We provide country-specific pharma pricing and international reference pricing through our Two Scenarios Pricing Tool - International Reference PRICING Model IRENE

  • Reimbursement solutions
  • AccessCore’s rigorous understanding of the clinical and economic burden of pharma products allows it to build strategic reimbursement roadmaps that address everything including policy, pricing, and evidence development.

Value Proposition Development, Validation & Communication

Our value communication tools are developed by pricing and market access specialists who have experience in clinical development and health economics. Based on their analysis, our experts provide insights on how your product may fit into therapeutic strategies and attend to needs. They craft value stories that convey messages and evidence in a clear and concise way to ensure that payers and price-sensitive customers will be convinced of the value that your product provides over other therapies available in the market.

To achieve optimal Market Access, our experts work with you across the different stages of your health intervention lifecycle: Before full scale development to consider new opportunities, during phase II to define early strategy and support needs, at phase III where unique features of a medicine/ product can be converted into a robust value proposition, and even at the final stages after loss of exclusivity.
  • Market, competitor and payer landscaping
  • Payer insights on go-no-go decision making and investment requirements
  • Payer needs assessment
  • Price & Market Access achievable
  • Evidence requirements

  • Payer value drivers and Price and Market Access positioning strategies
  • Payer value proposition and value message development
  • Evidence generation strategies
  • Payer value and evidence packs

  • Price and Market Access strategy development
  • Launch pricing strategies
  • Contracting strategies
  • Competitor strategies
  • Launch pricing strategies
  • Policy strategies/initiatives

  • Life cycle management strategies – new indications, markets, geographies
  • Competitor response strategies
  • Price/access/uptake benchmarking and assessments
  • LOE strategies