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    Under the patronage of Minister of Culture Dr. Saadoun Al-Dulaimie ,the ministry of Culture in collaboration with the European Association of Festivals set up Arab Fessit Forum under the slogan of Cultural Activities … A tool for dialogue , cultural integration and economic growth at Tamouz Hall in Ishtar Hotel within the activities of Baghdad , the capital of Arab Culture 2013.
    The Minister delegated to attend Senior Deputy . Mr.Taher al  Hamoud , Director General of Cultural Relations Department Mr.Aqil Al-Mandalawi , Spanish Cultural Attache  Mr.Joaquin Dorwan and the Director of European Association Mr.Darko Brilk as well as a large number of Researchers , Academics and Intellectuals .
    Mr. Darwan said in the opening ceremony , since 2003 we worked to achieve cultural cooperation with various Arab countries , including Iraq.
    We are working to develop and strengthen this cooperation in practice and our participating emphasis this distinct relationship . we are relying on the language of Dialogue for cultural understanding between nations and peoples.
    Our cooperation is not limited on the cultural side , but extends to the Athletic as well as to give the required importance to people with special needs and working to integrate them into society .
    Mr. Taher al- Hamoud stressed that the opening of this conference came within the activities of Baghdad Festival .
    It is an important step to emphasize the significance of the Dialogue between Iraq Culture and the European and the West in general.
    The language of Dialogue means the acceptance of another and willingness to communicate with him , it represents an essential element in our Arab Islamic Culture.
    Today , we reclaim the symbolic communication and togetherness between Arab and other civilizations.
    We hoped that this conference will achieve the desired goals through the discussing paragraphs during its four days.
    Mr.Brilk , the Director of European Association pointed out that their presence in the conference is an attempt to strengthen the cultural cooperation with Iraq by stressing on the dialogue and calling to renounce the violence and all forms that lead to disunity and rivalry between peoples .
    Then , the artist Khwan Beneena played the Spanish guitar with Flamanco Troup. There was also a meeting between the novelist Hamid al – Rubaie and Dr.Raad al- Baderee about the visions and opinions in national identity , the dialogue was ran by the poet Arafal- Saadie .
    Al- Rubaie talked about the long experience with his colleagues abroad and the deep feeling to return home because of their suffering from the isolation , Iran and Kuwait wars ,  the internal repression and the blockade.
     Nothing that a large group of specialized cadres in scientific and cultural fields had left the country and most of our poets and writers wanted to return home in an attempt to create the idea of another Iraq or the alternative country either through the press or the international  cultural forums to present a global image of educated , cultural Iraqi citizen and his cultural heritage , but all efforts were in vain , because of Iraqis problems from wars and the economic situation .
    So , the search for alternative country and back home became very difficult. They started to arrange their life.
    Abroad,  some were married and had kids , others received political asylum and new nationality.
     After 2003 , Iraqi citizen increased more frustration because of many problems both from the American occupation or the quotas in political and democratic process and became swinging between his love for homeland and return to the principles and values or to be alien forever.
    So , we must try seriously to create a new Iraqi citizen by beginning to solve the educational problems and rebuild the economic , social and cultural infrastructure because all these fields lead to building a new democratic Iraq.
    Al-Rubaie added that all scientific and cultural cadres abroad are ready to participate in the process of building a new Iraq.
    Dr.Raad Al-Baderia talked about the national identity which still remains. The country is just like a lap and everyone can find it easily according to his belonging to the land , family and community.
    There have been several attempts to grab this identity as a result of the wars and blockade which led to the migration of many creative minds , but they were able to stick it basing on their love for homeland.
      At the same time , the Iraqi citizen at home continued to preserve his identity in spite of all the difficulties that have faced him , but he maintained his cohesion with his identity and the different languages that have characterized their ethnic groups did not move them away from their national identity.
     There was also another axis representing the civil war and its repercussions on the "culture and the language of dialogue between people" were discussed by Jurban Koeman , Director of Bazl cultural Festival , KhowKeen Koran, Khowan Benia as well as the novelist Hamid Al-Rubaie, Dr.Raad Al-Baderia, Wathq Adnan ,the representative of Kareem Kanaan Wasfi Center and the poet Araf Al-Sadie.
        Dr . Falah Al- Asadi explained that the civil wars have been experienced by most countries and Iraq is not the only country.
    If we never use the language of dialogue , the weapon will be the referee so , we must welcome everyone  whatever his doctrine or race and starting to think about shared interests.
    Mr.Dorwan said , The Spanish civil war learned us to talk together whatever our differences , as we know that Basque Province demands for secession and both Barcelona and Catalonia are speaking different language but , they sat together and then began to construct Spain again .
    Mr. Wathq Adnan indicated the great effort of Kareem Knaan Wasfi Centre in preserving the Iraqi Orchestra Symphony by presenting many performances inside Iraq , Including Ekrkov, Nassirya and their ongoing exercises in spite of the moving risks.

     The center tried to embrace the young amateur to play the Orchestra and during 2009-2011 ,it formed Orchestra Symphony Band named , The Youth Symphony Band and all of its members were graduated from this Center. They are becoming professional musicians now .      
     Abroad , the center was seeking to find a way to define that Iraqis are not warmongers, this set up an agreement with Italy and sent 16 students to develop their musical skills . It also seeks to send another group and graduated 35 players in addition to integrate Iraqi symphony song in Italian language.
Translated by : Maysoon Ali

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