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Miscellaneous - Annual program of festival activities opening ( under the patronage prime minister state )


First Day

-         Statement by H.E minister of culture Dr. saadon Al-Dulaimi

-         Statement by H.E prime minister state Mr. Noori Kamil Al-Malki

-         Statement by H.E secretary general of Arab league.

-         Anthem huna Baghdad ( here Baghdad )of musical arts directorate

-         Solo for the greatest artiste Nasser Shama

-         Operalta show ( Haqiqat Aliraq ) of Iraqi fashion house

-         National troupe shows for popular arts and Kurdish Turkoman and the Syriac troupe

Second day

-         Song for artist ( Saadoon  Jabir , Fadhil  Awad , Talib  aL- Qaragholi , Husseon  Noma , Yas  Khadir , Hameed  Mandoor and  Imal Khadier )

-         National troupe shows for popular arts and Kurdish Turkoman and the Syriac troupe

-         Visit the participated delegations in" celebration Baghdad capital of Arab culture " to Iraqi museum and acquainted with archeological finds which represents Iraq old and modern history

Third day

-          Opening culture heritage photo exhibition ( tangible  and untangible ) by Iraqi national committee and Arab organization for culture and science in Baghdad culture center .

-         Free tour in Baghdad city including al- Mutanabi , Al- Qushla market and al- Mustansiriya school .

-         Operetta show ( Raiyt  Baghdad ) Fadhaat  Faniya troupe .

-         Ahbab  Al-Iraq troupe show related to children culture house

-         Visit the holy al - Kadhimiya  shrine

-         Opening al - Mansoor theater

-         Tour in the plastic and photo gallery

-         Iraqi national symphonic play troupe

-         Iraqi music and ballet school show

-         (April ) book and record

-         Modernity architecture in Baghdad with French embassy ( 16-18/4/2013)

-         Baghdad international book fair (24/4/2013)

-         Intellectual property conference (26/4/2013)

-         Jordanian culture week (25-29/4/2013)(may) heritage and translation .

-         Hobbies and traditional industry festival and popular heritage week


Internation  conference  for  translation  Arab  literature  and  writers  union  conference  governorates  and  formation  culture  Arab  and  international  activities .

 June (civil  society )

-Arab  child  festival  in  cooperation  with  Arab  organization  of  education , culture  and  science .

-cultural   organization  in  Iraq  and  abroad

-Arab  Feest  festival  in  cooperation  with  Arab  and  European  Institate  for  education  and  formation

Africa  and  Asia  writers  union  conference  Baghdad  youth  meetings (ministry  of  youth  and  sport )

Arab   and  international  activities 

August (ideology   and  history )

-scientific  conference  about  Baghdad  history  and  it's  glorious  civilization  hold  by  Baghdad  governorate , bait al – Hakma , Iraqi  scientific  academy  and  Iraqi  historian  society .

Arab  and  international  activities.

September (literature  and  theature )

-Baghdad  meeting  for  Arab  poetry

Baghdad  festival  for  Arab  theature

Al – Quds  exhibition , open  city  in  coordination  with  Elcso .

Seminar  organized  by  Arab  organization  in  celebration  of  Baghdad  the  capital  of  Arab  culture  in  cooperation  with  Baghdad  secretary .

Arab  and  international  activities .

October (Archeologic  and  music )

-international  conference  for  Archeologic

- zeryab  festival  for  Arab  music

-scientific  conference  for  Arabic  calligraphy  and  Islamic  decoration .

-Arab  and  international  activities

November (formation  and  media )

-Baghdad  meeting  for  plastic  art

-Arab  media  conference 

-Baghdad  schools  activities (ministry  of  education )

-Arab  and  internation  activities  December (cinema )

Shehrazad  nights  first  cinema  festival 

-folk  fashion  and  Iraqi  cuisine  festival  Arab  and  international  activities


-Arab  award  for  cultural  creativity

-Nazik  Al – Malaaka  award  for  women  literature  creativity

-closing  ceremony





Translated by    Ban Satae  

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