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Cinema & Theater - The department for cinema and theatre at the ministry of Culture continues its preparations for the “Baghdad Capital of Arabic Culture for 2013 Festival”.


Reporting: Sarmad Jabbar

In this context, Mrs. Bushra Jaafar, managing director of Cultural Activities in Baghdad, has clarified that the preparations underway to complete the activities related to the festival have been notably successful. They have indeed led to the development of around 8 shows – between long fiction and documentary films - which are now ready to be shown in movie theatres. Another 8 movies are at their filming stage. Amongst these is “Al Wasiti”. Directed by Dr. Tariq al Jabouri, it is in its last stage of filming. Other movies, such as “Al Husan” (The Horse) directed by Thair Mohammad Yusif and “Al Ustaz” (The teacher) by Hamdiya Abd el Kareem, are not yet at the filming stage but are expected to get there soon as per the plan of execution. She added that the activities related to the “Baghdad Capital of Arabic Culture for 2013 Festival” will include 9 Arabic theatre shows set within an Arabic carnival as never seen before. These have been a 100% completed and will be set within the first edition of the “Baghdad Festival of Arabic Youth Theatre”. On the other hand, 7 movies by Najm al Baqqal are at 55% towards their full completion. These are “Baghdad a rosy dream”, “Daydreams”, “A Thorny Life”, “Al Sayyab”, “The Foundation of the Iraqi Military” and “The Tower of Babel”, with the latter being at the editing stage. All these preparations are aimed at highlighting the glowing cultural facet of Baghdad, city of civilization and peace and innovation, through the activities of the “Baghdad Capital of Arabic Culture for 2013 Festival”.  

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