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Music - Federation of Iraqi Musicians holds Concert Hosted by Babylon Branch


The Federation of Iraqi Musicians’ Babylon Branch held its largest concert in the historic gardens of the Babylon resort on Thursday April 4, 2013. The concert was attended by Ministry of Culture's Undersecretaries Fawzi Al Atroushi and Muhannad Al Dulaimi as well as a large group of music and art intellectuals and creators in Babylon. The federation in Babylon had organized a large program that included gigs which showcased the province’s musical talent and creativity, in addition to the music gigs that celebrate Baghdad as the 2013 capital of Arab culture and that saw the participation of large groups of theater actors and musicians, along with a band that established its musical presence, which is the federation’s Babylon band. The latter won the admiration of a broad audience thanks to its music and artistic innovations and amazing performance.

In a speech he gave, Fawzi Al Atroushi stated that “Babylon has a special position as far as civilization is concerned, and this position has a different taste. Therefore, ‘Baghdad as capital of Arab culture’ has got to be a major celebration in the province of Babylon”. He also pointed to the support of the ministry for the third time for cultural, art and musical projects in order to establish a new artistic, cultural and musical reality through organizing relative events as well as projects for singers and musicians. He also praised singing in the city of Babylon, stressing the need to revive this reality in order to raise the aesthetic taste of the citizen, to reject violence and terrorism and to support cultural projects, including creative arts that are part of life’s aesthetic and good taste aspects. Al Atroushi also asserted that “Beauty cannot be separated from the image of Babylon as the human heritage began with melodies and beautiful sounds as much as it did with letters and words”. For his part, Saad Awad, President of the Federation of Musicians in Babylon, welcomed the undersecretaries and the delegates of the Ministry of Culture and said: “We celebrate Baghdad as an eternal capital from the land of Babylon and the home of Hammurabi, and I hope that we enrich Baghdad with our musical creativity and that the Babylon band continues to participate in giving, as it is the biggest band in the country after the symphonic band which includes over forty musicians”.

It is noteworthy that the event also witnessed the participation of the province’s leading music artists, performing “To Baghdad” which was written by the great poet Nahed Al Khayyat and composed by Saad Awad. Baghdadi folklore performances were also featured in the event, among other performances that made the evening so much more harmonious and colorful.

Dr. Hussein Ali Haref expressed his happiness with the concert that made the Babylon resort sparkle again as it was held outdoors. As for great composer Majid Al Ali, he stated: “No doubt that project “Baghdad as capital of Arab culture” is highly important as it reflects the true and touching cultural image of Baghdad the civilization, the art and the creativity. Baghdad is still a symbol of science, culture and knowledge”. He also pointed that the project will add a major importance to Baghdad’s history and deep-rootedness, as Baghdad is not a capital for culture for this year only, but it will remain a capital for culture, science and knowledge for years to come.” As for artist Karim Rassam, Secretary of the Federation of Musicians, he said: “The Federation and Babylon’s music have an obvious and advanced impact in terms of conveying such a musical and beautiful message to the audience. We are witnessing a musical celebration in Babylon today as the latter in turn celebrates Baghdad as a capital for Arab culture. We hope that Iraqi musicians play their effective role in the country’s artistic and aesthetic creativity through their constant interaction in order to have new creations”.

Moreover, poets from Babylon took to the stage and different recited songs and rhythms that were once written and composed by creative musicians from Babylon to honor the latter and celebrate its glory. Fawzi Al Atroushi also participated, reciting a poem that was admired by the audience.

In the end of the musical evening in Babylon, Ministry of Culture’s Undersecretaries Fawzi Al Atroushi and Muhannad Al Dulaimi distributed certificates of creativity on the artists, poets, singers and composers whose special performances were worthy of Iraq…

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