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Cinema & Theater - Dialogue and an Iraqi athlete technician Hispanic in the House of Wisdom .. The conclusion of distinctive activities of the Arab Fest Forum flamenco dance


Amir Ibrhim.
     Arab Fessit Forum activities conclude in Al-Mansoor Hotel Hall in Baghdad , held by Ministry of Culture in cooperation with European Society for the Festival , Flamenco Dancing was continued for three days within  celebration Baghdad Capital of Arab Culture.
    The great audience admires the activities which is expressed of Spanish Folklore based on sad music was came from beautiful musical instrument . At the end of the activities Deputy Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Baha Al-Myahi Director General of Cultural Relations Directorate in Ministry of  Cultural Aqil Al-Mandalawi and the Professor of civilizational and Regional Planning Institute Dr.Kamil Al-Kinani had presented Appreciation Certificates and Awards to Spanish delegation.
    The closing ceremony witnessed performing an artistic and athletic dialogue in Al-Hikma House.
    The dialogue Focused across two axes, the first axle talked about moving the body in order to educate the mind , where he was hosting Choreographer Operetta Raito Baghdad by Qassim Zydan and the Spanish Ghyoda Kongh and Ghostavo Vikhalco.
    Ghyoda Kongh said the purpose of the Academy of Dance which established is to accept the special need of those who have lost parts of their body in order to bring hope in them and keep them away from the case of despair that may suffer as a result of a situation in which they are.
    We always emphasize that we should take the dialogue as a civilized language which built the peoples and society and lead to understand and renaissance them.
   The Artist Qassim Zydan said that the pantomime dance is one of difficult arts , the main goal of it , it is to be beauty and artistic and works to create dialogue between two body one of them healthy and other damaged from war, our work is to mix between Drama and Pantomime dance .
    It is difficult to us to prepare the physical disabilities for the competition  but at the end we reach the accepted result.                       
    The second axle was about Cinema, the Spanish director said that the cinema is mean for rapprochement between the concepts and cultures in the field of audiovisual and it can be showed cinema films which have social and humanity message and other sides , were transmitting to audience.
    The actors took a trip inside and outside Spain to show cinema-movie Films.
    The Iraqi Director Qassim Al-Mamori gave summary about cinema in Iraq and films were producing in the occasion of Baghdad capital of Arab Culture which is contributed to activate the cinema production in Iraq.
    The sport dialogue was about the representative of the Ministry of youth , Spanish Sport and coordinator of the Supreme Council for Sport , Madrid Antlico Club , Ramon Enrique and former International player Foot ball Ahmad Sabri were hosted in Baghdad.
    Enrique talked about Spanish athletics experiment and developments which depending on factors including technology investments and also talked about Wadhwa Program dedicated to promote and strengthen professional players in Spain and take care of Spaniard athletics in International Matches and Competitions and have a desire to participate in the Olympic Games.
Ahmad Sabri raised a question:      
What is the relation between the Spanish government and sport clubs ?
    Enrique said:
     It has advantage of tax exemption and the weight of the clubs is big in Spanish society, the government gave the clubs big allowance in indirect way according to the activities they performed.
    According to the investment there are 70 % of budget for players and 30% for other side , at the end of a dialogue ,he is calling for all authorities that it may be concerned with sports , that should study the administration system in the clubs and took  advantage of what happened in European countries including Spain in order to obtain positive results in different sports field .   

Translated by : Ban Sate.

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