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Baghdad was chosen by the International Organization of Education, Culture and Science(UNESCO) IN 1996 to be the capital of Arab Culture in 2013, just like the rest Arab capitals which came upon a proposal of the Arab Group in UNESCO during meeting of the Intergovernmental decimal World Cultural Development Committee (Paris between 3 - 7 of January 1995). And in the eleventh session of the Council of specialized ministers for Cultural Affairs in Arab World which held in Sharjah-UAE IN 1998.

Iraqi Government Institutions and non-government organizations that participated in this project completed all the preparations for this event to be the most beautiful place to welcome the guests.

The activities will continue for a full year, carries a number of points, such as the integration between Iraq and other Arab countries and return Baghdad again to activate its leading role in the field of culture, thinking and knowledge, Note that the preparatory Committee for the celebration of Baghdad as a capital of Arab Culture was headed by Minister of Culture , Dr. Saadoon al-Dulaimi.

The membership included both Secretary of Baghdad, Director General of Cultural Relations Directorate, Chairman of the Baghdad Provincial Council, the Governor of Baghdad, Chairman of Trustees Board of Beit al-Hikma, Media Adviser to the Cabinet Secretariat and representatives from the ministries of Higher Education, Education, Finance, Planning, Municipalities, Public Works, Shiitie and Sunie endowments, Antiquities, Heritage and Tourism Board.

The achievement contracts were sixty seven, including the construction of cultural infrastructure, rehabilitation number of culture and folk institutions.

There is also printing books and producing number of various novelist and documentary films.

All media Campaign of the opening ceremony will led by Iraqi Media Net.

Among the achievements Contracts are:
  • Constructing Opera House and Cultural academy
  • Rehabilitation of Hurriya House for printing and publishing
  • Reconstructing al-Marafa House for the Mandeans
  • Constructing Iraqi Digital Library
  • Setting developed printing machines for Public Cultural Affairs House
  • Rehabilitation of Al-Madan,Arc of Ctesiphon
  • Rehabilitation the building of National Museum for Modern Art
  • Printing books and magazines to the Studies and Research Center at al-Jawahiry House
  • Establishing project of Basra Theatre
  • Providing Training Center for Interpretation of Al-Mamoon House with suitable equipments
  • Opening ceremony of Baghdad Project
  • Musical project from Iraq, including folk music for Mosul city and project of Ayoon al-Maha ben al-Rasfa and al-Jassr
  • Achieving three sculpture works of bronze material coated with golden color accompanied by basis of marble and fountains in Baghdad

Preparing ,designing, editing and typing by Baghdad daily Establishment.

Writing the most important Baghdad daily events by photo and information for the period 1920-2010.

Consisting nine volumes, and Kurd Faeli Cultural Centre project. Providing Cinema Camera and Montage staff of Cinema and Theatre Department.

Preparing Tent Theatre to show the great ceremony activities in the opening ceremony.

The project has witnessed also producing of six short novelist films, They are (Al_Bas, Boshe ,Ahmar Shifah and Aid Miylad, Dharba jaza, Tyoor Nasma ) for the director Atyia Jabarah, Mohammed Jabarah al-Daraji. They are produce by Iraqi Independent Center.

  • Cinema and Theatre Department had produced many documentary films for the director Nasrat Murdan
  • Short novel films in the title Albaloor for the director Amar Al-Aardawy and Basuto al-Aman for the director Hashim Abu Araq, Al-Hayat al Shaika for the director Salim Shadhan, Damat Rajal for the director Duniya Hafidh Qubani
  • Ighityal ma waqif al-tanfidh for the late director Farooq AL-Qaysi and Qaa al-Madina for the director Jamal Abid Jassim and Shrooq, write and directe by Inam Abdul Hameed and Sabre al-Mafateeh,write and directed by Sami Qaftan
  • Novel film about the establishment of Iraqi Army for the director Sayif al-Khiyat Burj Babil for the director Hamid Hadad
  • Along novel films contain Al-Yaqdha for the director Salah Karam and Masarat and al-Awja for the director Mohammad Shukri Jameel
  • Al-Hussan for the director Thamer Mohammad Yousif - Fairwell Nineveh for the director Amma Nouael Matti -Kaka Safrra for the director Tareq al-Jaburi, Najam al-Bakal for the director Saad Salman
  • Al-Hilm Warde for the director Faisal al-Yassri and Samat Al-Rai for the director Raad Mushatat
  • Nadam films, it is a short novel film by Ali Abid Razzaq al-Jabrri produced by Arab Company and limited artistic production
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